A part from our Pro Scooter Lessons, which you can book here.

We also offer a range of commercial services for Youth Centres, Schools and Communities all around Australia. You can contact us about any of these services here.

Our How To Run A Scooter Competition Course is an interactive course where we come to your Youth Centre or School and work with a group of 4-8 students over the course of a school term to organise and run a Scooter Competition. The students operate as a Events Management business and work together on all decisions, planning, and execution.

Our Scooter Design and Maintenance Program is a hands on course where we come to your Youth Centre or School and work with a group of 4-8 students over the course of a school term. Throughout the course students systematically disassemble, strip back, re paint, mechanically customise, and reassemble high end stunt scooters.

Our After School Care Clinics are booked by Schools with nearby Skateparks. 1 afternoon a week for the length of the term students can come straight from School to the Skatepark for a 60 minute scooter skills lessons where we teach participants safe scootering techniques and basic to advanced scooter skills. 

Running Scooter Competitions is how our organisation first started. Usually a Youth Centre or Local Council will reach out to us when they are looking for ways to deliver engaging and exciting services to their communities. We make it easy by providing prizes, judging and commentating all in a flat rate.

We are a team of adaptive, passionate and creative scooter riders that are dedicated to providing programs, courses and events that nurture the Freestyle Scootering Community in Australia.

We regularly custom-tailor scooter specific experiences, events, courses and programs for Youth Centres, Schools and Communities and we fly all over the country to do so.

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