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8 Week Master Class

8 Week Master Class

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How does the booking process work?

After checking out you will receive an email prompting you to inform us of your desired date, time and skatepark for your lesson. We have a long list of qualified coaches always eager to ride which ensures our services remain flexible and available to you.
Please allow up to 12 hours to recieve a text. (usually 2-3 hours).

If you want to ensure we'll be available at your desired time and date before booking simply use our contact form here.

What if I'm not in Brisbane ?

If you're not in Brisbane please reach out via our contact form here and we will email you to confirm our availability within 24 hours.

Book Now, Pay Later.

You are more than welcome to pay cash on the day, simply use this contact form to reach out and make a booking.

Unlock Your Full Scootering Potential with Our 8-Week Freestyle Scooter Masterclass!

Embark on a transformative journey with our expert coaches and elevate your scootering skills to new heights! Our 8-Week Freestyle Scooter Masterclass is meticulously designed to cater to riders of all levels, providing a structured, immersive, and progressive learning experience.

🛴 Exclusive Offer: Normally priced at $80 per hour, we're thrilled to offer this comprehensive 8-week program at the exceptional value of just $500! That’s a saving of $140 when you book the full course, compared to purchasing individual lessons. Your path to mastering the scooter has never been this accessible and affordable!

🚀 Why Choose the 8-Week Masterclass? Committing to a long-term training program is pivotal in achieving tangible progress and mastering the art of freestyle scootering. Our 8-week masterclass not only ensures consistent practice and gradual skill-building but also allows our coaches to tailor a learning path that adapts to your evolving abilities and goals.

📈 Structured Weekly Exercises: In addition to your weekly lessons, we provide structured exercises for you to practice throughout the week, ensuring continuous improvement and helping you to internalize the skills learned during each session. Your weekly progress will dictate which exercises will be assigned according to your development, ensuring optimal progress.

🌟 Expert Coaching: Our coaches, with their years of scootering expertise, will guide you through from the basics to the advanced, ensuring that each lesson is a step forward in your scootering journey. From foundational skills like standing and pushing to mastering advanced tricks like double whips and bri-flips, we’ve got you covered!

👥 Tailored to All Skill Levels: Whether you’re a beginner looking to learn the ropes or an advanced rider aiming to polish your tricks, our masterclass is crafted to propel you towards your scootering aspirations, providing focused, individualised attention to help you soar!

🔐 Secure Your Spot Now: This offer is only available for slots after 3pm, on weekdays. The day and time you choose will be the day and time repeated for the length of the masterclass. Spaces are limited and filling fast! Secure your spot now.

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